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      MYKIDS Course


      It is quite challenging being a parent. On the other hand, it is in fact one of the most emotionally and physically rewarding opportunities in life.  Once you become a parent, you are stuck in it for the rest of your life and there is no turning back. Until you become a parent, you would never know how demanding it is.  Apart from providing the child with unconditional love, parents take on different roles throughout the day, from being an assistant, to a friend, counsellor, manager, teacher and so on. This parental responsibility goes on throughout the child’s life and at times even during adulthood.
      Parenting includes several precise behaviors that work independently and collectively to influence child outcomes. The experiences young children are involved in can have a significant impact on their development as children and can help shape the adult they become.
      Based on the above known facts, we have developed a Parenting Boost Program which will provide parents with the tools they need to support their children with the following:
      · Developing Independence獨立發展
      · Responsibility 責任
      · Emotional Self-Regulation情緒調節
      · Self-Confidence自信
      · Intellectual Development智力發展
      We offer this program in workshop format with a group or on a one-on-one session with a parent/s. Feel free to contact us for more details.
      Parent workshops are for anyone who would like to be a better parent or planning to be a parent in the future.  They are not just for only new or young parents.  Our Parent education program is built on the principles of active and engaged learning.  We have a range of International and Chinese Education topics that covers a broad spectrum of both academic and other areas of child development to assist parents in raising a competent and confident child.  Our Parent workshops are delivered in different formats, encompassing an active model that utilizes current research, based on best practices of parenting education.
      Parent workshops have a positive impact on children by first positively impacting their parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. Some benefits of our Parent workshops:
      ·  Parent workshops are helpful to parents, as it increases their levels and quality of interactions with their kids, and this helps children with school readiness and personal achievement.
      ·  Workshops help Parents to stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective techniques on parenting their kids.
      ·  Workshops can provide parents with effective ways to connect with their children, including discipline, what to expect, and taking the mystery out of being a parent.
      ·  Parent workshops helps parents increase their levels of interaction with their kids and equally strengthens their confidence and are more positive in their view of their role as parents

      Encouraging Emotional Growth關于情緒

      To help parent understand that children feel a full range of emotions, and how to teach children appropriate and acceptable ways to express feelings.


      The Power of Love愛的力量

      This highly enriching workshop highlights the importance of understanding of the power of love in a child’s life. This workshop session includes sharing reasons why each participant’s child is loveable and identifying ways for parents to show love to their children.


      Becoming Even Better Parents成為更好的父母

      Parents are great at doing their best for their children and every parent wants to improve in this regard. This workshop provides tips and strategies on how to better provide support and connect with your child as they grow.


      Guiding your child’s behavior - Positive Discipline孩子的行為--積極的紀律

      This workshop focuses on identifying strategies for encouraging healthy, appropriate positive behaviors in children, as well as helping children develop self-discipline. It will further examine ways that triggers children to act in certain ways, both positively and negatively.


      Holistic Education for children兒童全人教育

      To understand that education for children should be looked at from a holistic perspective, addressing emotional, social, personal, physical, and academic needs of students, rather than just a focus on intellectual.


      Helping your child thrive in school

      This workshop focuses on helping parents identify positive ways to become involved in their children’s school life, and ways to link their children’s school and home experiences during their non-school time. It also addresses effective ways to help parents develop and maintain home-school relationships for the best interest of the child.

      Nurturing A Positive Self-Image in your child

      As we know, a child’s self-esteem starts to develop in the early stages of their development.  At this workshop we will help parents to identify ways to nurture positive self-image in their kids.


      Promoting Literacy in Your Child

      This workshop will help parents and educators with the importance of literacy for young children. It will also highlight the role of parents and identify ways to promote literacy at home.

      Procrastination Amongst children拖延癥的孩子

      To help parents and educators understand how to identify procrastination in children and effective ways to manage children when they procrastinate.

      Challenges of a first time Parent新手父母的挑戰

      This workshop highlights the expectations first time parents of infants and toddlers have for themselves.  Covers the primary parental responsibilities for caring for infants and toddlers for the first time,and provides tips on how cope with the challenges of being a first-time parent.

      Fostering independence in children

      Covers the importance of encouraging independence in children and practical and positive ways for parents to develop and nurture independence in their children.

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